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We are geared to working in partnerships with the corporate world and organisations who want to reach out to a wider audience of Southern Africans in UK and around the world. We have been doing successful events in the United Kingdom and we are now launching similar events on a much bigger scale in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Our brand is all about promoting the Southern African region to the whole world hence promoting Tourism in that region. We will create platforms for businesses to reach out to the targeted market.


"We have evidence of reaching more than 500 000 people through print, television, live event streaming, social handles and online advertising."

The "SAMA Festival" event will provide your company the opportunity to interact face-to-face with its target market through sponsoring the event. This is an opportunity to market your products and ideology in community peace building. Current marketing trends show the importance of an integrated marketing approach and the importance of experiential methods to capitalize on money spent. The events provide a perfect opportunity and platform to market directly to the potential customers from all corners of southern Africa in one place.

Your objectives are important to our vision hence the need to work in partnership with your organisation to create a win-win situation.

We are looking for sponsorship to strengthen the quality of the event and help it grow bigger each year. Very few other events offer the opportunity and reach / audience diversity like we do especially in SADC region. The event is available to assist your company in activating sponsorship to maximize money spent reaching your corporate marketing goals. The packages are open to negotiation and would be fairly flexible to accommodate the theme and vision of your business and ours.

Packages on Offer

  • Category exclusive naming rights to the Event.
  • Name title SAMA Festival UK Brought to you by "your organisation" in partnership with Y2K Entertainment Music & Arts 
  • Branding of entire festival and signage at event.
  • Name in ALL print and radio advertising 
  • Company logo on event and volunteer t-shirts
  • Business stand
  • 7 months promotional time frame


  • Royalty-free rights to marks/logos
  • Branding part of the event
  • Business stand
  • Name in some print and radio advertising (exact details TBD) "SAMA    
  • Festival™ brought to you in part by "
  • 3 month promotional time frame


  • Sponsor banner displayed at the festival (size TBD)
  • Sponsor recognition on event website

Sponsorship Expression of Interest

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